30 - Straight

Oregon, United States

Feb 5, 2019 11:39

I just finished Grad school and am now a Nurse Practitioner. I am a little shocked at how busy I am. I thought I was supposed to be working less, and making more. Just your average girl next door except I play games. I don't nag either. I am also into cars. I have a fast one. I stream on twitch sometimes. Very Rare.

Recently got back into Heroes of the Storm my battletag is KateBunnie#1267 add me, lets play!
Also play Diablo 2 on USEAST
Also just started playing WoW again. I'm on Thrall server.

Hey guys, I have 8 pages worth of messages to read. That's 100+ messages. Bare with me. One last note, please do not even bother contacting me if you are weak and will block me because I don't respond to every single message you send me. I will just laugh at you.



Age: 20 / straight

United States


Age: 21 / straight

United States