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Looking for serious, long term, monogamous relationship. Looking for a guy to be obsessed with me and crazy about me. Looking for the crazy that matches my crazy, the wade to my Vanessa. The joker to my Harley. I like clingy, I like needy guys. Better than distant aholes that don't communicate and can't txt. Don't want a "normal" guy. I want someone "weird" and "crazy" as I am.

Not here for fwb, hookups, friendship, workout buddies, tour guides or anything sexual.

Virgo, infj, gamer, nerd, geek, otaku, cosplayer, photographer, writer, romantic, movie buff, fangirl, emo, and more. Slithering, Jager Pilot, Horde, Sailor Scout, Fire Bender, Watcher, Starfleet Medical Division, Sherlocikan, Sith Lord, etc.

Dyed hair (was teal but faded to green which is ok. Had purple, pink and blue.), 6 tats (mostly fandom tats, more to come) and 8 piercings (more to come). I feel like I get along better with guys that at least have tats. Always been weird dating guys that don't have any.

I do date outside of my race. I don't mind long distance as long as the communication is good. Contact elsewhere if interested.
I don't log in often so message elsewhere. See profile

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Yes I do date outside my race. Here4MarriageONLY. If you hate texting, move along.

IG- Virgo4Marriage
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Can't view likes. Read profile and contact me AFTER you follow my profile instructions. Will IGNORE your message if you don't. If you're the type that hates lengthy texting, long emails, can't express themselves in writing, hates reading long profiles and hates back and forth messaging, don't contact me. Thank you

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❤Love and Marriage. Serious Relationships. Daily Communication. All things I like.❤

Interested in serious, non casual dating for a super serious, long term, monogamous, interracial relationship with a man of ANY race, who has relationship experience, similar interests, TIME, who is a good communicator with the goal of marriage and a family. Not interested in more guy friends, being a friend, workout buddy, tour guide, casual date or someone you go to purely for physical. I'm here for something serious.

Communication is vital and a DEAL BREAKER if you can't do it. Nothing will form with me if you can't do it. I want a guy in my life who can text everyday and wants to talk. One who shows interest and gives attention by doing so.

We won't work out if you're too busy/always busy, too busy to text, only sends one liners and isn't wordy/talkative, only talks on the phone, doesn't text because you're an in person kind of guy, has anxiety and can't express themselves and can't communicate through words. I'm not going to drive and meet you all the time because you only chat in person and can't talk in between dates. I want a guy that's also a consistent texting buddy.

If you're the inconsistent type that will text a girl daily then it becomes less and infrequent, we also won't work. I will delete your number/messages after a few days and take you as being uninterested if I barely hear from you.

As you can see, I'm one that stresses verbal communication, not so much physical. I don't need a physical presence all the time and have been perfectly fine with pen pals and long distance relationships which I am completely open to. If you're more physical than verbal, dependent on physical presence and all of that, we won't work out either.

Tired of flakes. I want someone who communicates, shows interest and gives attention. If you can't make time, don't have time then don't expect a relationship to form with me. I'm looking for a guy who can give time and attention. I've had working guys able to talk daily so job is not really an excuse to me (what, you don't get breaks?). You make time if you want me to think you're interested.

Don't care about your car, job or any material stuff you have (though I do care about romance, thoughtfulness by tokens of affection like flowers, love notes, etc). You can be not in school and unemployed. What I want is a guy with similar goals and TIME for me. I'm not into casual relationships. I'm looking to build a future with someone, have a family and all of that. Go find someone else for "fun."

Looking for some one who values daily communication as much as I do and can text daily, have full text conversations and able to express themselves. Someone who doesn’t require physical presence all the time for communication to happen. Not interested in Mr “I’m better in person.” I’d like someone who is consistent with their communication, shows interest and is not just a listener. I’d like someone that doesn’t get choked up by anxiety when it comes to talking. I want conversation. Back and forth. Not me doing all of the talking. I’d like the typical good morning, good night, how was your day and so on. Inconsistent communication is a deal breaker for me. I don’t want anyone who is always busy. Non texters don’t appeal to me. If interested, my IG is in my key words. You can find pics there.

We can discuss my hobbies and interests if you can't figure out what I'm into by my pics.

There is NOTHING hood/street/ghetto about me. If you can't type to me in full sentences, using spelled out words, proper English (meaning no slang or ebonics) and grammar which makes you come off as uneducated, I don't want you. I don't reply to "wassup, wyd, ma, hmu, wats gud wit u, " or anything of the sort. Go find a teen if you want to talk like one.

I live in Alexandria


❤—Nerdy Movie date wanted—❤

Someone attractive who is looking to seriously date, take me out on a movie date tonight. Well, not just tonight. There are loads of movies this nerdy, gamer, otaku, movie buff and geeky gal wants to see.

Movies like Underworld, Assassins Creed, John Wick, Triple X, Fifty Shades, Logan, Fate of the Furious, Star Wars and Dr Strange again if you can find it playing. Etc. Very much into action movies, Asian cinema and rom coms, series marathons while cuddling, movie nights in and so on. Old list is old.

I just want a serious boyfriend and serious, long term, monogamous interracial relationship where we can go on frequent movie dates.

First date would be Dinner and a movie followed by discussion. I'm a movie buff after all. That happening after we've talked extensively here first, me feeling like we have chemistry, same relationship goals and that I'm not wasting my time meeting you. Dinner and a movie YOU pay for. I used to pay for my stuff but since guys like to be impolite and ghost on a girl, change their behavior or just stop talking, I rather you waste your own money since you want to be like that.

I don't drink and won't meet you for one. Won't meet you before hand to get to know you and potentially wasting gas, time and money. I'll get to know you here first to avoid that.

First dates don't have to be interviews. If you've communicated effectively and we've gotten to know one another here first, we would already have a general idea of one another. Thus taking off the pressure and a date would be about enjoying company vs an interview.

With that said, Why would I want to meet a guy in person when he's disengaged in the conversation, sending one liners and coming off as uninterested and boring on here? Why would I be excited or even want to? Oh because you're "better" in person? Glad I'm not your GF. I'd be lonely as hell because you can't communicate when not physically in front of the person apparently. Next.


❤—Nerdy Car Girl 4 A Car Guy—❤

I hear mechanics and car guys break parts, not hearts and that's what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a fellow car guy, gear head and him being a mechanic wouldn't hurt. I'm into cars. I blame the anime Initial D which got me into them long ago. From there, I was taking on ramps, drifting, imagining I'm in my Evo or Rx8 (yes 8 because I don't like the body of the 7 despite being Team Red Suns). Anyway.....

I used to go to car meets. I'm a photographer so I went for those, to check out the Skylines and the guys didn't hurt. Working evenings stopped that. I miss dating car guys, being able to point to cars and have them tell me the make, model and things like that because he knows his stuff. I miss showing all the pics of the cool cars I've seen and just talking cars, bikes and how one day I'm going to mod my stuff so bad with LEDs that I'll look like I came right out of Tokyo Drift.

I like movie dates. I like talking before the movie and after. If you hate movie dates, I'm not the one for you.


❤—Pokemon Go BF Wanted—❤

Someone to go out with to parks and all over and play pokemon go with the goal of dating. We can talk and get to know one another while playing the game and being active. My trainer code is five three five nine six one two six four five eight two or 5359 6126 4582


ONLY CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE ALSO looking for a serious, long term, monogamous, interracial relationship, take dating seriously, dates for potential marriage and that you're also NOT looking for just physical, a hook up, work out buddy, tour guide, that you're serious about dating and also doesn't do that friends 1st nonsense. I believe in daily communication through texting/texts/emails and will only meet AFTER we get to know one another here 1st.

Nothing makes me hit the back button faster than when I see "Wants to date but nothing serious, isn't seeking a relationship or any kind of commitment", looking for friends, hang out, friends and see where it goes, here for "fun" or sexual references. If you read this, message me with your first words, "here for love" and why I should bother with you. I'm old fashioned and still believe in love, marriage, monogamy and ALL of that. I'm not out being like guys screwing everything and being casual because I can't handle emotional commitment and was hurt before.


Old profile got deleted (not by me but the site). Guys get really hurt if they don't fit your dating prefs. Lost all chats, favorites and matches. I suggest you add me on IG Momoissokool or add me somewhere as a backup so you have a way to reach me. My profile will vanish unexpectedly. If you see it again, I had to remake it.