25 - Bi

Massachusetts, United States

May 23, 2019 22:32

Looking to date someone with similar interests or make friends with people. Willing to do long distance, it's easier to get to know me by asking questions, I'm not the best at convos at times, I can be shy but open up to you once I get to know you more. The more you open up to me the more I’ll open up to you. I'm bit of a nerd/geek, also a tomboy, I'm 5ft, I'm funny and sarcastic, I'm a sagittarius, I'm not a cookie cutter girl. I'm a believer of human and animals rights, I'm also open minded.

Action, adventure, sci fi, comedy, thriller, suspense, animation, romance, chick flicks, fantasy, anything Tim Burton

Action, adventure, thriller, mystery, suspense, humor, sci fi, romance, fantasy, anything by James Patterson, comic books

Sports entertainment, extreme sports like x games, paintball if that counts, martial arts

Mainly listen to post hardcore and metal core, willing to listen to anything, except country unless it's by Taylor Swift cause I don't find her to be country.

Willing to make friends on here if we have similar interests. Note I won't add you unless you give me a legit reason to, and we had a bit of conversation, also if I find you interesting. Note if you are or seem like a pedophile I will report and block you. If you’re in your 30s and up I will block you too. If you want to know anything else, want to talk, or interested feel free to message me.



Age: 30 / straight

United States


Age: 48 / straight

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Age: 25 / straight

United States