19 - Straight

North, Sweden

Dec 17, 2018 06:24

I was born in the north, cold is my home, a bit more north and I would live along polar bears, but luckily I don't, instead we have reindeer and elks living in the forest.

I play different kind of games like Ark Survival Evolved, Warframe, XCOM, Crusader Kings II, civilization 5, Fallout 4 and more games. I don't limit myself to a certain style in games because that is boring, I can play the role as tank, support and damage dealer, I don't want to limit what I can do in games.

I am a person who like to make other people happy, I am polite enough to avoid inappropriate conversations, I will do my best to keep within appropriate conversations as long I am unsure if I know you enough or you tell me it is okay. I like to meet new people, I see every new encounter with a person like an opportunity to gain more knowledge in one way or another, I find it interesting to learn how people think. If you like deep conversations, we already have something in common, I like to learn what other people are thinking because that is an opportunity for me to learn a new way to look at something.

I do not care about what most think of me, I will remain myself, I am not going to change myself just because a few people dislike me, I do not fear losing people in my life because I am aware not everyone is meant to stay in my life either, and I will always cut out people who are not good for me, I don't need them in my life.

You can add me on discord if you want: Stormy_Snow#0559
My username is actually a decision to describe myself, Stormy is for my temper and emotions, I can be entirely calm one minute and the next I could be like a storm inside, Snow is because I like the cold.