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Louisiana, United States

May 4, 2019 15:29

Hm. What is there to say? Well, I can start with I was a major gamer from around the age of four until a few years after high school. After that, my gaming slowed down. It would come in burts and then fade a little, but I always loved it. Now with more time again, I'm starting to game more. However, due to needing a new computer and no internet (wanting to get it again by the middle of 2018), I'm mostly just on my older systems and my older Pc games. I'm mostly a PlayStation person, but with hand heads have Nitendo more. Also still have my old Sega.
Looking for someone to hang with and game with, and maybe more after a while. Not really sure yet.
I am an animal person as well, so warning with that if you ever come to my house. I have cats and dogs and board a horse. No, I'm not someone with a lot of money, just love animals and foster from time to time.
My favorite video games? Final Fantasy (more so, in order: 8, Tactics, 7, 9, 10, then the rest), Resident Evil (really just 1-3, but all are good), and Kingdom Hearts (ALL). I like others, but those I can play all the time.

Still working on this area, but that's some basic info for now.

Also, if you made it this far, and are on the PS4 network, feel free to follow or friend request: OhkamiNightlight



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