34 - Straight

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Jan 7, 2019 12:11

Hello everybody. I work as IT support at my familes company and enjoy playing video games, watching anime, and movies. I also like to try to keep fit at the gym as much as I can. I have other interests but you will have to ask me to find out

At the moment my main game is Read Dead Redemption 2. But I am also working on my Shields for The Division for when the 2nd one comes out in March. As well as playing Battlefield 5 when my friends are online (They convinced me to buy in the christmas sale lol).

Current favourite anime is "That time I got reincarnated as a slime", "Sword Art Online 3" and "Black Clover". But I like many different Animes. Its finding the time to watch them all that is the problem haha

Looking for someone similar to me in terms of interests. First date gaming together would certainly be a first for me, but a welcome one



Age: 20 / straight

United Kingdom


Age: 30 / straight

United Kingdom


Age: 28 / straight

United Kingdom