20 - Straight

Porto, Portugal

Aug 23, 2019 00:37

Just a random guy looking for his player 2, feel free to DM.
I'm a gamer, since Playstation 1, i play kind of games, right now im more into Overwatch, but im open to sugestions.
I also love movies and series, mostly cartoon but i also watch marvel and DC (mostly marvel)
I'm straight, so please respect that and i will respect you.

(stuff on a girl that i like)

Short hair, pony tails, blonde/light brown hair color.
I don't like massive body parts, but let's be honest, i'm a guy and i like curves in the same way some girls like athletic guys.

(some personal stuff about me)

I'm shy in the beggining, but at the moment i feel confortable i will try to talk more.
I'm a bit jealous, i'm sorry.
Most of the times i'm a serious person, but sometimes i show my needy side, hugs, cuddles, head pats, etc, will be a +1 and trust me, i will compensate you for that in the future

So for now thats it, more details will show up if we chat for a while. Go ahead and say hi

P.S. i like big tiddies and one day i want to take a nap resting my head on them