18 - Bi

Ontario, Canada

Feb 17, 2019 19:39

I'm Julie. I'm kinda shy but very outgoing once I'm comfortable with you. I work in a Tea Shop because...I like tea lol. I'm an avid memer but new memes make me cry, they're so bad lmao. I mostly play retro games such as Super Mario Bros. , The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Mortal Kombat, etc. I'm a HUGE fan of music and I play the guitar and sing. I listen to all types really. I'm a very open-minded and accepting person so, if you're interested, just hit me up. I'm also into DDLG but we'll get into that l8er LOL. I'm too shy to make the first move so if I send a wink, it means I'm interested lol. Thanks for checking me out
DISCORD: ratttkiddo#4294