32 - Straight

Tampere, Finland

Jul 6, 2019 14:28

Hobby-cook, programmer, gamer & 24/7 doggo watching enthusiast here, who moved to Tampere about three years ago and is trying to find some people with common interests here to hang out with (online or offline).

Gaming-wise, I mostly play on PC and prefer RPGs and strategy games, but also like to play most other kinds of games every now and then. Except sports games, never cared about those...
I have just way too many games to talk about them all in detail, so just ask if you want to know more

Currently, I am working as a freelance software developer (home office! Hooray!) and that leaves me with at least some more flexibility when it comes to free time.

My native language is German, and English is almost like a second mother tongue to me. I spend most of my time communicating in English - and by now even thinking in English sometimes. It's kinda funny... I am also learning Chinese - guess something about impossible to learn languages draws me in. One life goal of mine is to speak all major languages at least somewhat (English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, maybe more if I do manage to get that far).

What to do with me? Have a list:
Digital media of all kinds (cinema, series, movies, etc.), gaming, board games, roleplaying, nerdy stuff in general, cooking (I love to cook!), baking, wandering around (picking mushrooms, berries or other nommos), relaxing, programming, saunoa, ice cream, museums, cinema, bars, ...

But, honestly, those are just the things I "usually" do. I'm open to lots of stuff, so just go ahead an ask!