28 - Bi

jerusalem, Israel

Dec 22, 2015 22:46

hi, my names ShadowFrost, after attempting to date people i've discovered that i really need someone that likes the same things i like. i like playing super smash bros, other rpgs, and watching anime and cartoons. i also like the occasional sitcom but i usually marathon those with numerous confectioneries and junk food. i'd very much like to find a group of friends to hang out with and game with, i wouldn't mind finding a boyfriend that also likes to do these things. i'm turning 21 in a week so by the time anyone reads this i'll probably be 21. im in israel for the year and will probably be making aliyah, hobbies include: gaming, eating, cooking, building stuff, drawing, writing, acting (sometimes), my youtube, watching youtube, reading manga, reading fanfiction, watching anime, watching movies, playing go, playing other less cool board games, sleeping during the day, and travelling. favorite food: i like just about everything but i keep kosher, also im allergic to pineapple but i'm not against eating it anyway if im really craving it, it just makes my tongue swell up and get cut up. i'm jewish, i keep shabbos and kosher. and i hope to have a good time here, and find someone nice maybe.