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34 - Straight

Burgess Hill uk, Italy

Feb 4, 2017 02:04

My name is Michele I'm Italian moved to Brighton one year ago, just moved to burgess hill
I'm working as a decorator which I enjoy a lot as a new job to me, I'm used to work as chef/baker which I totally love aswell.
I'm a laid back person, funn, an hard worker and a party animal
I love spend time with my friends go to parties and get some extra beer for enjoy the night.
I'm used to date with older women, I don't know why always happened that they were looking for me.
I don't mind about the age, as my experience teaches to me that you can feel really good with who has 20 yrs more than you, or less (of course not too less).
I like have good conversations about everything I have a lot of interests and and i love to share in font a cup of coffee.
I love animals, every kind, would like to live in costarica for live with them!
I love respect.
I'm really into music, cant live without, and One of my hobbies is to produce it. C
I'm a gamer since I was a kid, at the moment I'm playing on a 360, mostly left for dead, farcry,skate fps,horrors and multiplayer like red dead redemption or max Payne.
My GT : HaRd2TeK
Thx for your time