27 - Straight

Pest, Hungary

Sep 10, 2017 20:34

I'm a Hungarian guy who likes all kinds of games. I'm spending a year in Finland in Oulu from August and I'd like to find a girlfriend while I'm there since after finishing my BA in Hungary I plan to move to Finland permanently, and start living like a real adult.

If you're wondering why my name sounds nothing like Hungarian: I don't want to bother most of Europe with the pronounciation. ^^ At uni I'm called Rob by everybody anyways.

I study English and Finnish language at university, working toward an Applied Linguistics degree. You can say I'm a language enthusiast. - By the way, I have a tendency to use a very strong British-Australian English, so just... be aware of that. - I like reading, though nowadays uni takes up all the time for that. I also write my own little stories both in Hungarian and English mainly for myself or my only reader, my best friend. ON that note, I'm pretty much a hard-core-ish Sci-fi fan, and I always move around on that ground.

I am a movie goer, and I enjoy both recent and older movies. I don't take side in the DC - Marvel war, I like both; the movie needs to be good. I watch tons of series, too many to list, but just to give a basic image I give a few signature examples: Star Trek (all series), Star Gate, basically anything with 'Star' in the name, Flash, Daredevil, SHIELD, House MD.

I would say I'm an immature kid on the inside, but I have the kid well-contained, so I function between normal parametres. Frankly, I'm 85% open to almost everything, and the rest of the 15% is usually subject to discussion. - I'm very picky only in a handfull of things, but my job here is to show the best of myself isn't it?

My current games are GTAV, Elite-Dangerous, Star Made,The Division, and Pokemon Sun but I have many more that I haven't played (so they're sitting in my Steam library) or don't play that frequently since there aren't many gamers around me in general, or I've been dragged away from them by other virtual goods.

Throw a message into my general direction if you fancy.