25 - Straight

Göttingen, Germany

Jan 17, 2021 10:38

hey there i'm a chill guy who likes to play all kinds of games from mmos, FPS, Racing, RPS to card games so you name it! currently playing NFS Heat along with some League. I also watch Anime and series on netflix; for anime i got a whole list but my favorites are Hunter x Hunter, Tokyo ghoul and kuroko no basket. I also LOVE working out!
My dream is to become a marketer in a really good marketing agency. I am really curious about how people think about products and services and why they would purchase them in the first place. One day I will have my own company.
Looking for serious relationships for the long term. I would like to start any relationship as a friendship and from there would see how it would develople. I am always traveling and looking for opportunities and I never settle down in one place, so if you are not the type, just dont bother.
If you are interested send me an intro here.......PEACE!