31 - Straight

kuwait, Kuwait

Nov 26, 2017 10:37

if i were like any other normal guy i'd be like (hi everbody calls me max so why shouldnt you? im a cool sensitive guy and i like to chat alot cause chattin is a way to kill Boredom and i go out a bit i also like to travel alot although bein a gamer is also awesome just sittin down talkin with friends n stuff i like bein social get to know more people get to experience a better game cause solo is just fun at first but then just shortly after u realize it actually sucks) (what i would truely be like) yoyoyoyoyo whaat up chillaxin is important when talkin to meh
be on full chill mode take a dip in a tub full of ice if ya have to
just to be sure!!! i like bein Socialized but not too much cause then ppl be spamin me like hell n then my finger twich sences tingle and i start to spam them back with mute > ... im a kewl mellow fellow that like to chat chat chatyy chaty chat McCHAT CHAAAT... cause chat = life hey dont tell me that aint true cause chating is like eating if u starve urself eventually ur gona self distruct, much like if u dont chat ur gona end up dyin lowenely (dat grammar :') ) welp talk to meh if u can and also talk to me if u cant cause i'll teach ya how to talk then thank u for reading this although i typed too much (also awkwardly both References about me are true hehehe) so dont be shy (although i think shy is cute ) u need to come at me and talk like a BAWS!!