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21 - Straight

Kaunas, Lithuania

Aug 7, 2017 20:41

Im a quite closed and shy guy, but my love is big. I am searching for a simple, affectionate, caring, soft and gentle woman. There is nothing better than laying in bed, playing a game and cuddling, or cooking food together, even running errands together is fun with someone you truly love. Also there are many great things a couple can do if they have common interests. But this is a gamer dating site, so we all have atleast 1 thing in common. It doesnt matter where you are from or how old are you. Age is just a number, Im much more mature life wise then other similar aged people anyways. Message me and lets find out. I also have skype - Patrikas393. So this web or skype,you can message me on which ever you want, but skype is preferable
I mainly play Xbox, but I also play pc. My gamertag is OG Hearty . Im also a little youtuber and a little streamer



Age: 32 / straight



Age: 19 / straight