25 - Straight

Bangladesh, Bangladesh

Sep 1, 2017 09:29

Hiya! Writing about yourself seems like one of the hardest things to do, for me at least! That shouldn't stop me from trying... Alright, I am just another human being from the small Asian land of Bangladesh. People describe me as "weird, childish and funny", but I don't really know about myself. I graduated from high school once; then I have to do it again because being an Asian with less that 100% GPA is a criminal offence punishable by shaming and it causes your ancestors to swoop down from the sky and haunt everyone you love and short-circuit your gaming consoles. But yeah, between defending myself from the world, playing video games and growing up; I realized I don't really know "people". So I thought I would try to leave my den and reach out to "people" with "network-protocol-magick". Who knows? Maybe I would find a comrade!