35 - Straight

NANTES, France

Dec 11, 2017 23:49

My name is Julien and i am a system technician for a few years now..
Am just here willing to meet nice people and i bet that there are some.

I am not a progamer but i still have fun with my noob skillls ^^
FPS is my favorite game type but i think i like pretty much all genres (maybe not MMO because i am not patient enough :X)
ofc i don't only like computers, I also like movies or TVshows under my blanquet (when its cold) with a good home made corque-monsieur or hamburger

Important precision : i am not a rager, like throwing my screen and keyboard down but i might scream
Don't be afraid to wink me, even just to say hi, i could appreciate it:

FAV GAMES : QuakeLive, FarCry, Rocksmith, GuitarHero, and others ....
I know this is not very recent games but i love these ones