43 - Straight

East Lothian, United Kingdom

Dec 11, 2017 05:05

Sum up yourself in a few sentances
i am an anti social geek with cave man tendancys i love to spend most of my time in my little cave absorbing myself in whatever passion has taken my fancy at the moment its archery and i am convinced that i am going to make it to the olympics
i love the learning process and can get totally lost in a new adventure having to understand the ins and outs and what makes things tic is my escape from the world thats my geeky side

the cave man side well that just wants to eat sleep and well ... do what cave men do best ..... grunt haha

i am quite well behaved when taken out of my cave as long as i am kept on a leash as the excitment can get to much for me and i get carried away

i have a silly sence of humour probably comes form spending to much time in my cave

i love the outdoors my other passions are gardening diy fishing guitar playing and computers now there is a strange mix but at least i got a pretty cave with lots to eat and pretty lala music haha

so if your a bit of a cave woman with her own passions for whatever takes your fancy then gimme a grunt or two



Age: 27 / straight

East Lothian
United Kingdom


Age: 23 / straight

East Lothian
United Kingdom