28 - Straight

Southwest Finland, Finland

Jan 22, 2018 13:47

I'm just a single guy from Finland who would like to find his player 2.
I'm almost done studying maritime management, I speak fluent English, Swedish and Finnish.
I'm a bit shy so don't expect me to message you if I checked your profile or if you checked mine. But if I do message you then I'm really interested in you

I like dogs and cats, occasional traveling, hanging out with friends, watching tv-shows/movies (I also watch way too much anime ) but most of all I like gaming which is pretty much why I signed up to this site

I like to play multiplayer games mainly because of the social aspect of interacting with your friends but being able to play together with a gf would be nice
I only play on PC and atm been mostly playing the buggy mess called PUBG, I'm up for other games too like fps, rpg, mmo, rts games. If you are interested just message me so we can chat a bit, maybe then play some games together and see where that will lead us ^^