32 - Straight

Libereck√Ĺ kraj, Czech Republic

Mar 8, 2022 11:21

After years, I have recently fallen for someone, and in game nonetheless. But when I told her how I felt, she has told me she already had someone. But the awesome moments spent playing together with her spurred me to try and do this. This does miss the magical encounter of meeting someone out there and falling for them. But I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to find you the "normal" way. But it beats being alone, only thinking about how nice it would be to have a true love, and how we would be enjoying our time together.

I'm a gamer, I only play games on PC right now though (not sure I would like playing on consoles ), and I can enjoy many different kinds of games (mostly with someone close). What I play the most right now is Warframe (trying to lead a shadow clan), Black Desert online, Battlefield 5, and Overwatch. But I have more games, that I would like to play and enjoy with someone special. MMOs like Guild Wars, WoW, ESO, Black Desert and others, Fallout 76, The Crew, Divinity: Original Sin, Stellaris, Borderlands, The Division, Conan Exiles, Diablo, Dauntless, Total War games, Battlefield games, Mech Warrior Online and many others, or whatever you would like to play with me, just say. So pretty much almost every genre. I've listed just MP games as examples what we could play, I do play SP games as well. And I am really looking forward to Star Citizen, among other games. I have started gaming when I was a little kid, so it stuck with me. ^^ But for a while now, most of the games get boring playing them alone, even more after a certain encounter. :/ (If a game isn't on the list don't be afraid, it's just some of the many I would like to play you may check my steam LookerM1r)

I don't drink alcohol (only a shot or few to celebrate or to taste if required). I don't drink coffee, just tea, and sometimes lemonades or multi-vitamin drinks. I like animals, mostly the furry / fluffy ones. I'm not a fan of tattoos, I will want to look at you, and not to be distracted by the gallery on you (One or two could be fine I suppose on how they look, but I want none on me), and overdone piercing. I will never touch any horrors and anything too gory/scary, unless you really want me to, not my thing and it's not fun for me (I can still sit through it though, and just enjoy being with you). Otherwise I watch, play and enjoy almost any game, anime or movie. Of course I don't want to do just that. I will also want to try your hobbies if I will like them, or to go out with you, for stargazing, walks, or just shops. Just generally to be there for you and with you, enjoy holding hands, cuddling, and anything next to you, I also believe I can be quite a romantic. (But don't worry, I understand the need for personal space and time if you will need it, you need but say when, and I will leave you be for that period of time I will also try to pick up on it if you won't say, and try to catch the clues. Though I hope I will make you to not really need it much if we become a pair and make you want to be with me more.) I've found the courage and strength in me I've been missing in my life for so long, to really search for love, that I hope I might find here. ^_^

I can be shy at first, but I will open up after I feel comfortable, and be me, silly, playful and attentive (possibly even clingy for some? ). I don't really like big parties or places with to many people (markets are fine though, mostly the socializing type). I'm not to good with starting conversations, especially with people I don't know, but I do what I can when I have to. I'm a good listener, and will always try to help you within my powers, if only by just listening to you. I'm mostly a home body, but as I said, I do want to go out with you and accompany you, or take you to places. I'm hard to aggravate. I don't really like it when people are overly foulmouthed, or just use the f word and what not in normal sentences all the time. When I asked my friend why I can't find anyone, he said he doesn't understand, and said "You are kind, passionate, honest, accepting, and dedicated".
I will do what I can for you, to make you happy. There is always room for improvement in me, and I want to do my best to get better, for you, for us. ^_^

I'm currently unemployed and living with my parents to cut on living fees. But I have enough money for, and I'm ready to move out after you, or to somewhere with you when the time is right, and find a job there. I have tried to stream games, and it's not working out so far, but it's what I want to do the most and keep trying at it.

I'm not looking for an instant or short relationship, but one that will last forever. First we should chat and hopefully play games (D&D would be great as well at some point in the future!), and see what we both like and dislike about each other as we chat, and still manage to fall for each other. (Because no one is truly perfect right away) It may feel like I'm hurrying things a bit and being to clingy (Which means I'm really interested), it's mostly because I don't know how to pace things, but all I really want is to spend time together as much as possible, possibly even more after we are ready to step it up, to be that special someone and only one. So what do you think, am I worth your time to find out if we are a perfect match? ^_^

https://www.youtube.com/user/LookerM1r/videos I've decided to put this link here if you want to check a little bit of who I am I recommend checking one of the Warframe videos where I play with my friend. I'm also occasionally on twitch at lookerm1r Mind you I'm with my good friend, so I'm being extra silly just having fun and trying to match his weirdness. (I'm not trying to promote myself, I haven't done youtube or serious streaming for a while)

I'm not looking for just a friend (although I know that's how it starts and goes for a while, I never approach with the intent to be just friends and no more), but love for eternity, so:
> You are looking for someone for forever.
> You would enjoy a lot of physical contact with your love. (from holding hands to cuddling)
> You would like to spend most of the free time we get together, from just sitting next to each other, through chores, to fun. I'm most likely going to be clingy and attentive, because I want to be with my love, not just to live together.
> We would play all kinds of PC games together. (Which would be the first, and probably the only thing for a while, untill we would know if we could end up together Could also watch things like movies and anime over the internet together)
> You want to watch movies, anime or whatever cuddled together.
> Go out somewhere occasionally, for a meal or just a drink, a movie, watching stars, go out in the rain, or just a walk, or whatever we would come up with and feel like.

So basically like a best friend/s, but more. A true special someone, partner, second half, significant other, partner in crime, soulmate, twin soul, love for eternity, player #2, or whatever you like to call it yourself. What's a relationship, if we can't enjoy it together to the fullest doing the things we both like and enjoy. ^_^

If you like all of this so far and feel a connection, then perfect! What are you waiting for! :3 Message me, and let's get to know more about each other!