27 - Straight

Denmark, Aarhus, Denmark

Jan 30, 2018 23:52

Hi, my name is Anne. I'm an extrovert which likes to do relaxing activities like gaming, painting, drawing, claying and other things. I used to train but since I started my education I have been doing it less.
I like all kind of different games. Really, I'm not sticking to just a few genres. I have played or am playing:
Wow(playing it on and off, I love the game but sometimes it can get boring yes), Overwatch, League of legends(love the game but not having anybody to play with anymore), Steep, need for speed (Rival, nfs 2015, Payback), Rust (I do love survival games!), ARK (and I love dinosaurs even more!), Outlast (i love horror!) The Forest (survival and horror is a great mix), Mount and blade: warband, FEAR, Sims, Clicker Heroes, Left4Dead2, Surgeon Simulator and Scribblenauts:unlimited. This is examples, yes a bit many, but I have played quite a bit of different games. I have 196 games on Steam alone.
I don't know what more to say. You can ask if you want to know anything more