25 - Straight

Den Haag, Netherlands

Jul 1, 2018 19:08

Hi there,

Im not so good at talking about myself.

but im looking for new friends atm. Will see if I will be up for a relationship. It depends, if we have a click.

I mostly like to hangout and chill. sometimes I would like to play video games (its big hobby of mine). and if nice weather, i like to take relax outside.

Next to playing video games, hang out / chill. I like to watch series / movies from time to time.

Currently im unemployed / no school. But im in a difficult situation (cause im of shyness) which im now focusing on. And im planning to go to school at some point this year or next year hopefuly .

Im a really shy person. So I try to avoid certain places with crowd etc. But that is mostly when im alone.

So yes. Now you know more about me

So just send a message and see how it goes from there cool?

PS : No hook-ups!