28 - Straight

Middle-Finland, Finland

Jul 10, 2018 17:04

Looking for someone to share a long-distance relationship with.

I'm a pretty chill down to earth person. I really like nature and i am an animal person. I really like cute animal videos, i like to swap them with bunch of my friends. Dogs and birds are especially close to my heart.

I'm a decent writer, i've written a bunch of league of legends related guides which has gotten a bit of recognition. I also have a pretty wild imagination. I can get pretty philosophic thoughts at times, i sometimes write down some of my throughtful ideas.

I dislike drugs, tobacco alcohol in general, but i find it acceptable to drink every now and then.

I mostly play League of legends in EUNE and EUW server, (currently sitting in plat 2 and i main support role) Team fortress 2, Overwatch and a bunch of RPG-games. Fallout franchise in general is close to my heart.

I like to read books ocassionally as well. Lord of the rings and it's related books are my favourites.

"In life, you shouldn't live in the past nor the future. Only the present is worth living."