32 - Straight

NB, Netherlands

Jun 1, 2018 22:57

I mean, time is short, man...
Are we really made to grow old and dull while selling the time of our life for a corporation or the sole reason for our existence is to be playful creatures, to be free, to play games until sunrise, eat ice cream, walk barefoot, make love and repeat?
i am a writer, a gamer and a passionate photographer. i am a silly dreamer but boy, do i work hard and medieval for those silly dreams! i like to escape in the nature, i like women and i love their smile and their moody nature, i love cycling (have you ever chased the sunset on a bike?), i love music with a passion, i love my gaming mouse and my keyboard with lights under the keys, and above all, i dream of being as free as possible in this life.
The games i enjoy are League of Legends, Starcraft II, Overwatch and anything that involves aching fingers, passion and getting better. What a pleasure to meet you!