23 - Straight

India, India

Oct 13, 2021 19:38

An alternating and acclimating mix of passion, sensuality, aggression, dominance and raw animalistic intensity, concealed beneath the sartorial elegance of a gentlemen.

I am an Interior Designer, gamer and a traveller.

I've built an appreciation.. for beauty.. for pleasure.. for pain.. for the good days.. and the bad days.. in the multitude of facets that those words could possibly be used...an appreciation... for life... ferments with experience.

Perpetually Protruding Positivity!!

I enjoy the diversity of connecting with many but I am quite introverted and require intellectual connection to expand beyond this.

Non-kink things that interest me:

Video Gaming

Kinks? And if you’re into that, you can ask me that as well 😉