32 - Straight

Canada, Canada

Sep 8, 2018 06:46

I work as a senior software developer in Markham and I am mainly a PC gamer, although I do own an xbox that just collects dust. Some of the games I play are PUBG, Monster Hunter, Star Citizen. I am a big fan of the older MMOs like Everquest and Ultimate Online.

I am originally from the east coast and I was raised bilingual (FrenchEnglish). I've often considered moving back closer to the ocean. I really love Ontario so I'm still undecided.

I like to cook and I am frequently trying new recipes. Everything from backyard barbecues to vegan dishes. I'm not a vegan or vegetarian, but I have considered it and I do eat a a lot of vegetarian food.

Hiking/Camping is a big part of my life, I go on trips every summerfall. I've hiked about 500km of the Bruce trail in 15-30km sections, and I am working towards completing all 900km. I've also done many overnight backpacking trips and several week long backpacking trips. This became a hobby of mine about 7 years ago.

I also enjoy playing video games, playing pool, bowling, or even arcade games like Dave & Busters.



Age: 19 / bi



Age: 21 / straight