40 - Bi

Regina Saskatchewan, Canada

Nov 25, 2018 10:53

I'm a charismatic, fun loving guy who mostly stays in. But that's only because I'm usually enthralled in the new MMO/FPS/RPG games!

I like to spend time with friends and family. I prefer company to being by myself. Someone once told me, "Life is like a box of...". Scratch that, it's just a movie I'm thinking of. Speaking of movies... Have you seen the new "Deadpool" movie? I prefer the first one but the second does the series justice! And what about all the other great geek movies and shows out these days? I love media! I also love me some 'Zza. And yes, pineapples belong on pizza!

Have you figured out my idea of a perfect night? Shows, 'zza, a bong, zombies and someone to enjoy it all with! Oh did I forget to mention I'm a chronic? "Oh, Canada"!