27 - Gay

California, United States

May 21, 2020 13:01

PM if you want to (geeky, silly or deep) chat, game, volunteer, barter, collaborate or network. Really appreciate it if you start the conversation. Awkward convo welcome I'm similar to Abed & Luna.

INFJ, Scorpio, Introvert, Redhead, Lesbian, Adorkable, Bohemian aka No Money Lifestyle. Night owl. Ravenclaw. Straight Edge aka always been sober. Love Dogs, Birds & Cheese.

Scorpio Sun, Gemini Moon, Pisces Rising. INFJ: Introvert, Intuitive, Feeler, Judger (Planner). Chinese: Monkey. Life Path: 7.

Patient, passionate, easygoing, trustworthy, humorous,calm,lively,wise,inspired,honest,organized,generous, supportive, analytical. Take Myers Briggs quiz?

Die Hard Fan of many TV, Films, Music, Superpowers & Cartoons. Geek, Techie, Nerd,Gamer, Goth, Otaku.

(Voice)Actor, Artist, Game/Graphic Designer, Writer, Music Producer/Engineer, Comedian, Fighter,Activist, Model

I Advocate/Write for Art, Anti-Bullying, Cartoons, Contributionism, Film, Games, Health, Homeless, Kids, Mind Disorders & Music. Ask for links.

Various Music Taste, Hip Hop Head.Also love Dance Pop,Funk, Indie, 60s & 90s Music.

My interests: randomness, pop culture, 90s, internet, tv, films, music, video/card/board games, superpowers, sci-fi, cartoons, art, drawing, darkness, fighting, martial arts, parkour, comedy, ethics, ethnics, news, politics, philosophy, religion, spirituality, near death, health (science), astrology, dogs, birds, sports.

More Interests/Activities: 21, Activism, Air Hockey, Amusement Parks, Art Galleries, Basketball, Bowling, Camp, Checkers, Chess, Conventions, Croquet, D&D, Dance, Debate, DIY, Dodgeball, Explore Cities, Fence, Flag Football, Foosball, Frisbee, Game Mods, Grass Maze, Guerilla Filmmaking, Handball, Holistic Health, Humans v Zombies, Iceskate, Jog, Jump, Kart Racing, Kickball, LARPing, Laser Tag, Magic The Gathering, Magic Tricks, Mini Golf, Open Mic, Paintball, Parkour, Ping Pong, Pogostick, Poker, Pool, Roleplay, Rollerblade, Rollercoasters, RPGs, Run, Skateboard, Snowboarding, Spoken Word, Stand-Up Comedy, Tag, Tennis, Track, Trampoline, Trapped in Room w/ Zombie, Uno, Video Editing, Volleyball, Volunteering, VR, Walk, Watergun, Waterpark, Yoga, Yu-Gi-Oh, Zombie Tag

My Skills: (Voice)Actor, Foley/Sound Effects, Writer, Journalist/Blogger, Game/Graphic/Web Designer, Comedian,Inventor,Mouth Trumpist, Music Producer/Engineer, DJ/Remixer, Songwriter, Poet,2D Artist/Cartoonist, Self-Defense/Fighter, Art & Life Mentor, Psychologist, Location Scout,Sales, Survey Panelist, Caregiver,Advertiser, Dancer, Model etc. Would like to Film, Direct, Cosplay & Cast.

Knowledge Specialities: 90s-2010s Film & TV, 50s-2010s Music, Marvel & DC, 90s-2010s animation, Tim Burton, Yugioh Cards.

I have high emotional, musical & introspective intelligence. Look up forms of intelligence.

I'm seeking (online) collaborations/network with actors, artists, comedians, rappers, singers, gamers, game testers, geeks, nerds, writers, readers etc. Can credit & barter/trade. I’m into bartering/trading & generosity. I prefer Anti-establishment, Guerrilla, Independent, Indie, No Budget & Student Projects.

I made 44+ playable Cards for my Game, 5 beats, 18+ huge notes & 10s of drawings.
Pending 182+ Video Projects. 88+ webseries, 105+ (short) films, 120+ diverse songs & 5+ audioseries/cartoons.
The videos are webseries & (short) films. They're mostly about superpowers, wacky comedies, psyche dramas, cartoon(-like) & inventive horror.

PM if you wanna know the many ways to living with little to no money, to no rent, to free utilities, living off the grid etc.

I’m looking to multiplay via Android, Chrome Webstore, Facebook, ROMS/ISOs & Windows 10 Platforms. Prefer these genres: Adventure, Platformer, Fighting, RPG, Card, Strategy, Party, Board etc. Sports to play Basketball & Tennis, but prefer geeky & live action games like Dodgeball, Flag Football, Handball & LARPing.

I like 500+ TV Series, 600+ Films, 1019+ Artists, 18960+ songs, 393+ Albums, 290+ Video Games etc. Some days I watch as much as 15 hours of TV, 10 films, 6 hrs of music & 15 hrs of video games.

I’m seeking Webseries, TV, Film, Music, Video Game & Anime recommendations. I like action, comedy, sci-fi, horror, nearly all music genres etc.

Make it easier to film very low to no budget videos by helping each other. Trade your skills, knowledge and/or items for a Film Location for ex, be a Sponsor for a Video. Many of us indie & Independent filmmakers are stuck, we need our voices heard, not an asshole cop ticketing us & shutting down our mini productions. I manage some film groups too.

I’m hoping to give 100s-1000s of tiny homes, a building and/or sheds to homeless seniors, Disabled, LGBT, veterans & animals. I’m looking to start a non-profit organization & housing Communities. Hoping to avoid any obstacles & make this a reality very soon. Open to fundraising if need be. PM if you'd like to help the homeless somehow, even online tips/knowledge.

Some homeless obstacles: Rent is too damn high. Income Requirement. Very little money actually goes to charity. Cities ban sleeping in your car. Shelters are very dangerous & they separate families. Pantries give expired, BPA food while their CEOs are rich. Section 8 has huge, up to 15 year waitlists even with a voucher. Social Security is not enough. RV parks don’t allow older vehicles. Too many min wage jobs. Robots replacing nearly every job. It's difficult to stay clean.

I have some Anxieties, Depression & Mildly Inattentive. I don’t have & am not: ADHD, Autism, Dumb, Stupid or Retarded.

Favorite Shows: Spongebob, Simpsons, Heroes (Reborn), Fairly Oddparents, Middle, Smallville, Avatar, South Park, 70s Show, George Lopez etc.

Favorite Films: Edward Scissorhands, Dark Knight, Star Wars 3, Batman Returns, Watchmen, Eternal Sunshine, Avengers, Terminator 2 etc.

Favorite Artists: Beatles,Michael Jackson,Madonna,Beach Boys,No Doubt,Kanye,Kendrick,Lupe Fiasco, J Cole, Eminem, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Common etc.

Favorite Albums: Straight Outta Compton,Reasonable Doubt, Late Registration, Smile, Tragic Kingdom, To Pimp a Butterfly etc.

Favorite Actors: Will Smith,Joseph Gordon Levitt,Emma Stone, Johnny Depp, Zooey Deschanel, Jesse Eisenberg, Shia LaBeouf etc.

Favorite Comedians: Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Adam Sandler, Eddie Murphy, Tina Fey, Steve Carell etc.

Fave (Super)heroes/Villains: Batman/Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man,Cyclops, Gambit, Psylocke, Venom, Joker, Darth Vader, Sylar, Carnage.

Fave Video Games: Super Mario World,Super Mario Bros 3,Batman Arkham City,Tekken 5,Super Smash Bros Melee,Crash Bandicoot 3,Spyro 3 etc.

Fave Directors: Tim Burton, Robert Rodriguez, Christopher Nolan, Robert Zemeckis, Judd Apatow, Matthew Vaughn, Joss Whedon, Edgar Wright etc.

Fave Kind of Foods: Mexican, Spicy, Enchiladas, Pizza, Burgers, Burritos, Mac Cheese. Cheese based.

Fave Drinks: Smoothie, Mocha, Pineapple, Chocolate Milk, Milkshakes, Strawberry Lemonade, Sangria, Kola Soda, Coffee, Lemon/Raspberry Tea etc.

Ask for my profiles: FB, SimilarWorlds, Meetme, UTube, Yelp, Meetup, Tagged, hi5, POF, Mocospace, DeviantArt, 9Gag, Last.fm, IGN etc.

f**k the system (film,health, permits, police,school,work etc). Go anti-establishment & unconventional. Ask me for tips & suggestions.

Beliefs: Actions are greater than your beliefs. ADHD/ADD are made up disorders for docs to push pills, people have various attention spans. Something that doesn't interest will probably have you zone out too. Doctors are drug dealers. Everyone has some mental disorder, we need to stop the stigma though, we’re not perfect but we’re worth it. Hard work doesn’t pay off. Know your limits.

Religious Views: Kinda Omnism, Philosophical: I have views from various religions: Love, accept & help each other. Angels. Astrology: We came from the stars & the planets alignment matter. Compromise w/ Religion & Science: Science says there are other dimensions, that your conscious lives on as a soul. Demons: a metaphor for our evils. Don’t automatically believe something. Environment: Don’t disrupt the laws of nature otherwise disasters will continue. Ghosts. God goes by many names & we all came from him, he is apart of the universe. God cares about more about your character than your religion. Golden Rule: Treat everyone well. Heaven. Hell can feel like forever, buts its temporary. Karma: Our actions do have a cause & effect. Leviticus gay verse is about celibacy. Life is an illusion. Life is meant to be about helping each other. Love is the only religion. Lucifer was a fallen king. Money: Root of all evil so avoid using it. Near Death Experiences: Unless they’re all lies or illusions, then there is an afterlife. Open-Mind: Everything has multiple meanings, translations & metaphors. Past Lives. Peace: Misunderstandings lead to wars & killing. Pre-Birth Existence: You decide what ideal kind of life you’ll have before you're born, accounting for freewill in the mix. Prophets: There are many. Reality: We live here to express our freewill in various ways: love, help, struggle, express etc. Reincarnation. Spirits. Spirituality.

Political Views: Contributionism: Help Each Other, Trade Services & Items instead of money. Activism: Be the change you want to see, Peaceful Protest, Sign Petitions. Anti-Capitalist: No Money System. Collectivist. Anti-Vaccines: Lots of bad ingredients, anti-viral foods like elderberry. Environmentalist: Climate change is real, avoid plastic, use hemp, recycle, don’t litter, avoid paper, avoid gas, oil & diesel, increase solar & air energy. Feminism: It's important to achieve equality among genders, women are more undermined. Guns: More violence is brought from them, probably impossible but they should ban them. Healthcare: is a right, if not, emphasize foods & plants as your cures & relieves. Immigrants: Support them whether or not they're legal, the process to be a citizen can be very costly & lengthy, they want a better life. Isolationist, Keynesian, Liberal: We all deserve social rights. Min wage get paid less than slaves. Multiculturalist. Police; Emphasize more peaceful officers, aim for less harmful means of restraint, make them more accountable especially when they use physical or excessive force when the suspect wasn’t even being hostile or weaponless. Politically Correct: Respect each other, Avoid improper terms, Populist, Privacy over Security: Against Internet Providers knowing & selling your personal info, against tapping phones. Progressive. Protectionist. Regulate Businesses: Otherwise they’ll make politicians sellouts. Socialist: If there is to a be a government, it should be one that takes care of its people. Tender on Crime: Emphasize incentives, community service, rid for-profit jails, more tough on violent & sexual crimes.



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