34 - Straight

Nelson, New Zealand

Sep 3, 2019 06:47

I like to keep fit and active but I can also blob-out and chillax. I'm a mixed bag of awesomeness. Im a Twitch addict. And Bob Ross is my god. Im a PC gamer. I love building gaming rigs and modding. Im now a fan of tabletop boardgames too. Anything open world survival and Im there. Dayz is my all time fave. Anyone keen for a mission to Chernarus and some dayz shenanigans just hit me up! wiggle wiggle.

Just some of the games I enjoy are; Ark Survival Evolved, The Isle (anything with Dinos and I'm all over it), Skyrim, Dark & light, Farcry, Walking Dead, Scum, Fallout, The Division, Tombraider, the list could go on...

Life so far has shown me that this existence is fundamentally dualistic. Yin & yang, dark & light, positive & negative, highs & lows. I believe what we seek is balance, equilibrium, peace, connection, truth. Above all give me raw uncut truth. Life is cycles & seasons, paths & journeys, energy & vibes. Constant flow, dynamic, forever changing. We are here to experience and its one hell of a ride.

Im opened minded, very accepting and understanding. Spiritual although not religious. I'll speak my mind, quite often I see through peoples bull s*** and ego and Im not afraid to call people out on it, myself included. I'm constantly learning about myself, growing, evolving, as we all are.

My home and epic gaming enclosure is a tiny house/bus/motorhome. Yes. I've somehow managed to live the dream and game. Thank god for solar power, large battery banks and remote wifi. I like the concept of living off the land, off-grid, organics, self-sustainability, self-reliability. I'm drawn to the simple life, nothing extravagant, away from concrete and cities. Nothing like the open road and being free to roam and wander. Obviously I prefer somewhere I can get a decent internet connection, my ping can be disgraceful at times.

From the words of Charles Bukowski..."Understand me. I'm not like an ordinary world. I have my madness, I live in another dimension and I do not have time for things that have no soul." I shy away from stereotypical society, governments, politics and rules. Our time here is precious and I choose where to invest my time and energy. Give me fresh air, mountains, trees, water, soil, fire and the stars and of course internet and gaming.

I appreciate art, creativity, music, expression, poetry, nature, outdoors and the words of Eckhart Tolle and Eddie Vedder. I like adventure, random missions and to explore. I like to be challenged, pushing past my comfort zone... skydiving, scuba diving, motorbikes, camping, hiking, travel.

Looking for insightful conversations, connection and to share this experience of life. I'm attracted to people who are consciously aware of themselves and others. I value respect and morals, kindness. Anyone with a go with the flow kind of vibe, who can also be passionate and give their all. And of course it will help if you understand the life of a gamer. Gamers understand gamers.

Instagram: wild_free_spirit_