26 - Straight

Vlaams Brabant, Belgium

Jul 27, 2019 18:56

Hello, my name's James. Nice to meet you 😊

Looking to make friends and maybe delve into something a little more with others that enjoy PC gaming!

I enjoy a variety of Vidya Gaimz mainly MMO's and RPG's. I really enjoy story rich games!
Here's a list of some of my all time favorite games!

- World Of Warcraft
- Mass Effect
- Dark Souls
- The Witcher
- The Elder Scrolls
- Fallout

While I do spend a lot of time enjoying games I do of course like to get out when weather is decent. I have 3 little dogs so even if it's just a walk for them. I absolutly love to go on holidays abroad or locally. And i'd love to meet someone to be able to share all these live experiences with me.

I cannot stand close minded people that dont act rationally, i absolutly love and respect people that can have calm and deep conversations while respecting other's opinions. i like to think that im a very loyal and genuine person as its what i respect the most from others.

Take care and keep gaming ! ❤️