27 - Straight

East Lothian, United Kingdom

Aug 3, 2019 13:21

Easy going guy looking to get to know someone down to earth and see where it leads to, i have always loved playing games and enjoy media in general although it has never quite occurred to me to seek a relationship with someone who can understand share this passion, until now (hopefully!) : )

I am quite anti-establishment although i wouldn't go as far as to say i am an anarchist or anything, i am more a doubter, i don’t believe everything i hear or even see and to put it quite plainly i still struggle to make any sense of the way the world is or at least the way it is generally perceived to be.

I enjoy exercise and have recently taken back up going to the gym and out for runs, this is more a health related thing more than anything, i am a true believer that exercise and a healthy(ish) diet are the foundation blocks for a healthy mind, body and soul (but lets not get too deep just yet haha)

I have been alone for quite some time i am not going to lie it’s been years since i have been with someone. I am not ashamed or anything i really just put it down to the trials of life as it were.. i have fought with many addictions since i was 15 and i am now nearly 27 haha. But i can definitely say for sure that now i have been there i am certainly never going back. I want to experience life as much as i can and i have a growing urge to find someone i want to be around and share life with.

Its quite a lot to write in the about me section i guess but to be honest i would rather you read this just now so you can build a better picture in your mind to see if i am someone you think you might be interested in or not.

Happy hunting !