36 - Straight

Virginia, United States

Feb 20, 2020 06:16

Not chatting here. Won't read inbox here. Contact elsewhere. IG-CrazyVirgo88

Single, marriage ready, marriage minded, nerdy, ex otaku, ex gamer, gear head, romantic, INFJ, movie buff, athletic, tatted, pierced, atheists, open minded, smart, shy, damaged, guarded, cautious and crazy Virgo. Can come off as unfriendly. Looking for a serious, long-term, interracial, monogamous, exclusive relationship with the goal of marriage. Looking for a mature, relationship experienced guy who is great at communicating frequently to show interest. Tired of ghosters and flakes.

Rushing because I’ve been single for a while and I’m ready to settle down and start a family. I want to grow old with someone. Live together. Not getting any younger and no interest in taking things slow. I know what I what and I want to guy who knows what he wants and is ready. I want a STABLE CONSISTENT relationship and tired of on and off and indecisive guys.

Txting is a big part of a relationship and forming a relationship with me. If you hate txting, take forever to reply, can’t txt in complete sentences and words, is about one liners then I’m not the girl for you. I’m also not the girl for you if you don’t like needy or clingy or can’t deal with someone with mental health issues like depression. Communication is very important to me and I’m an introvert more comfortable with the written word until I get closer with someone. I want an equally needy and clingy guy. After dating standoffish guys who barely communicated, I feel like a needy clingy guy would give me the amount of attention that I want.

Not here for friends, chat or anything casual. I’m looking for men serious about settling down and want something long term. Not interested in chatting with guys who don’t have similar relationship goals.

Also not interested in talking about past interests. Pick another topic. Lost interest, grew out of it. No big deal. It’s not a shame or anything. I’m doing just fine. Ex gamer/otaku. Sorry. I’m here to find love, not talk anime and gaming.

Not 420 friendly. No single dads please. They can’t seem to balance relationships and family. I don’t want to feel like I’m competing. Not interested in anything physical outside what I’m looking for. I also date any race outside my race.

Looking for a guy to show me not all of them are aholes and can build me up again. I WAS unhappy in a long distance on and off interracial relationship with a non marriage minded, non kid wanting, selfish, non wordy, lazy, non expressive, immature, toxic, emotionally abusive, neglectful guy who treated me like crap, didn’t know what he wanted and I felt was using me for my body. He wouldn’t get his act together or act right. He would rather break up with someone then admit fault, admit blame, accept responsibility, and put in the work and effort to fix things, work things out and repair what he broke. I want the opposite of that.

I’m hoping to meet someone who treats me better. Someone who is affectionate, romantic, selfless, apologetic, mature, same goals, mentally healthy, positive, motivating, athletic, is giving without the stipulation that I have to do something first, someone who doesn’t play the blame game and someone who doesn’t make me feel like a play thing. Someone who doesn’t and won’t hide me and will publicly show me off on social media (like couples pics) and has no problem changing his status to taken. Someone who gives flowers not only on the first date but throughout the relationship and romantic/affectionate gestures which I didn't get.

Not here looking for a pep talk or your opinion on what I should do, but a better guy, better relationship. If you don’t like my situation or what I’m doing, don’t contact/match me. Thank You

Contact if interested. Search for me Virgo4Marriage. I'm all over the place.

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