27 - Gay

Lanarkshire, Scotland

Oct 24, 2020 06:20

Please refrain from how are you, get to topics. PM if you want to (silly, geeky or deep) chat, befriend, game, volunteer, collaborate or network.

INFJ, Scorpio, Introvert, Empath, Escapist, Geek, Techie, Nerd, Gamer, Goth, Otaku. Bohemian aka No Money Lifestyle. Night owl. Homebody. Ravenclaw. Peacemaker. Always been sober. Love Dogs, Birds & Cheese.

Scorpio Sun, Gemini Moon, Pisces Rising. INFJ: Introvert, Intuitive, Feeler, Judger (Planner). Chinese: Monkey. Life Path: 7.

Patient, passionate, easygoing, loyal, trustworthy, humorous, calm, lively, dreamer, wise,inspired, honest, organized, ambitious, generous, supportive, self-disciplined, analytical. Take Myers Briggs quiz?

Die Hard Fan of 502+ Shows, 608+ Films, 18960+ Songs, 300+ Video Games, Superpowers & Cartoons. 

(Voice)Actor, Artist, Game/Graphic Designer, Writer, Music Producer/Engineer, Comedian, Fighter,Activist, Model

I Advocate/Write for Art, Anti-Bullying, Cartoons, Contributionism, Film, Games, Health, Homeless, Kids, Mind Disorders & Music. Ask for links.

Various Music Taste, Hip Hop Head.Also love Dance Pop,Funk, Indie, 60s & 90s Music.

My interests: randomness, pop culture, 90s, internet, tv, films, music, video/card/board games, superpowers, sci-fi, magic, cartoons, art, drawing, writing, darkness, fighting, martial arts, parkour, comedy, ethics, ethnics, news, politics, philosophy, religion, spirituality, near death, conspiracies, health (science), astrology, dogs, birds, sports.

More Interests/Activities: 21, Activism, Air Hockey, Amusement Parks, Art Galleries, Basketball, Bowling, Camp, Checkers, Chess,  Conventions, Croquet, D&D, Dance, Debate, DIY, Dodgeball, Explore Cities, Fence, Flag Football, Foosball, Frisbee, Game Mods, Grass Maze, Guerilla Filmmaking, Handball, Holistic Health, Humans v Zombies, Iceskate, Jog, Jump, Kart Racing, Kickball, LARPing, Laser Tag, Magic The Gathering, Magic Tricks, Mini Golf, Open Mic, Paintball, Parkour, Ping Pong, Pogostick, Poker, Pool, Roleplay, Rollerblade, Rollercoasters, RPGs, Run, Skateboard, Snowboarding, Spoken Word, Stand-Up Comedy, Tag, Tennis, Track, Trampoline, Trapped in Room w/ Zombie, Uno, Video Editing, Volleyball, Volunteering, VR, Walk, Watergun, Waterpark, Yoga, Yu-Gi-Oh, Zombie Tag

My Skills: (Voice)Actor, Foley/Sound Effects, Writer, Screenwriter, Journalist/Blogger, Game/Graphic/Web Designer, Comedian,Inventor,Mouth Trumpist, Music Producer/Engineer, DJ/Remixer, Songwriter, Beatboxer, Poet, 2D Artist/Cartoonist, Self-Defense/Fighter, Art & Life Mentor, Psychologist, Location Scout, Producer, Sales, Survey Panelist, Caregiver,Advertiser, Dancer, Model etc. 

Knowledge Specialities: 90s-2010s Film & TV, 50s-2010s Music, Marvel & DC, 90s-2010s animation, Tim Burton & Trading Cards like Yu-Gi-Oh.

I have very high emotional, musical & life & introspective intelligence. Look up forms of intelligence.

I'm seeking (online) collaborations/network with voice actors, actors, artists, comedians, rappers, singers, gamers, game testers, geeks, nerds, writers, readers, animators, cartoonists etc. Can credit & barter/trade. I’m into bartering/trading & generosity. I prefer Anti-establishment, Guerrilla, Independent, Indie, No Budget & Student Projects.

I'm making 1000s of free playable Cards for my Game, 200+ Stories & many music beats. I have 18+ notes, 10s of drawings & 120+ diverse song/poetry drafts. 

My Stories might release on multiple formats like audioseries, cartoons, short films and/or short stories. 

The projects are mostly about superpowers, wacky comedies, psyche dramas, cartoon(-like) & inventive horror.