19 - Straight

South Carolina, United States

Feb 25, 2020 00:44

Hello UwU I'm Rose ty for clicking on my profile!
I am on here to find a great friend!

About me:
I am a 19 yr old college student who is studying Environmental and Wildlife Conservation, with a minor in Art.
I enjoy playing Fortnite and Overwatch, and listening to music (KPOP is my fave I get to go see BTS FOR MY BIRTHDAY AA!)
Horror movies are my absolute fave I can talk about the AVP universe for hrs lol!
Anime is a big part of my life, so much so I started cosplaying, and attending cons.
Another thing in my life is staying healthy and working out, but pizza and cake are an absolute weakness lol
In my free time I enjoy reading books, comic books, as well as studying fashion so definitely Vogue.
StarWars is a definite favorite, as well as Marvel, I am open to pretty much any Fandom and I would to be apart of others!

Things I look for in a Friend:
I enjoy someone who has a good sense of humor so making me laugh lol, I can pretty much roll with almost any kind of humor to be honest.
A kind and caring person is always nice to have in your life; sometimes you just need someone there for you, when times are rough or if you just need to vent.
Having a loyal and trustworthy heart, like I'm not out here trying to open up and then be back stabbed or even used.
I LOVE animals, the quickest way to my heart is sending pics of doggiez and kittehs!

Contact Info:
Discord: waifu101#5380
Insta: thewarsithgg
I play on Xbox my GT is: TheWarSith

PLEASE DONT BE afraid to message me I promise I don't bite I would love to chat with you, although I may come across as shy sometimes considering I'm a introvert, sometimes for precautionary steps I will have my boys, "xbox gaming friends" with me if I am to verbally spoken to, they are very protective of me since I have been hurt in the past.
(I AM A FULL TIME COLLEGE STUDENT, if I do not respond right away please do not take it personally, I just have school work; in the mornings and at night I will check my messages)

Spread Love and Positive vibes



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