18 - Straight

Bretagne, France

Jun 3, 2020 16:59

Hey there! I'm a dude who enjoys fighting and platforming games, most of the time I'm playing games cuz as of now I've nothing else to do besides school
I play on PC only, and right now the games I'm mainly playing are Rivals of Aether and Risk of Rain 2, there's also other games I'm playing but I'm not gonna list them all lol

Might sound silly but I'm looking for someone to make me feel at ease whenever I'm with them
As for me I'm kind for the most part, down to earth, open-minded and can listen to people if they ever felt the need to vent off (I wouldn't tolerate being used though), also I really really like hugs but you don't have to like 'em
Otherwise I can be moody sometimes, oh yeah I also tend to be forgetful sometimes