51 - Straight

Lancashire, United Kingdom

Apr 3, 2020 04:54

Honest, Trustworthy, Creative, Passionate, Loves a Challenge, Empathic, Affectionate, Love to make my partner/friends laugh, Introverted but love company too, Love passionate and intelligent conversation, Love discussing tech and gadgets, Can talk for hours about computers and playing games. Like eating healthy and trying to keep fit too, (Love VR which is sort of a gateway into fitness too).
Love my 2 black cats too, especially my female Melanistic Bengal.

Games I play are normally FPS, RPG, Mil Sim, Isometric, VR (in the past).

In no order of importance,

Ghost Recon Breakpoint & Wildlands,
Grim Dawn,
Elite Dangerous,
Fallout series 1,2,3,4,
Skyrim (always play the sneaky archer lol)
Borderlands 2,
Rage 1 & 2,
Arma 2 & 3,
Dying Light,
Dead Island,
Farcry 1,2,3,4,5, New Dawn,
X2, X3, X4, Terran Conflict etc.

And a whole ton of others in-between.

Have a pretty awesome custom built (by myself) water cooled PC, I love building those type of computers, Huge Ultra-wide screen, 35 inch, I love the vast peripheral vision it gives me (I sold my Rift CV1 to get it). Might as well spend a lot on my main hobby cos I spend enough time gaming on it.