36 - Bi

Connecticut, United States

Apr 3, 2020 21:39

I'm very sarcastic, so yeah I might call you an ass, or an idiot, but it's totally out of love. That's just me. Have a dry sense of humor, or maybe a weird one. Unless I'm dead tired then most things are funny. Obviously enjoy gaming, mostly on pc right now. I do have a ps4, but nothing is drawing me to it right now. Plus I'd like to play with someone else, alone isn't always so fun. Also, I enjoy movies, music, drawing, anything creative really. Oh, I'm not very good at drawing, just saying. If you can't tell I'm a BBW, and not one of the ones with big t*ts and ass. lol. Currently in an online school, so that does take some of my time. I have 5 tattoo's and my labret is pierced, probably obvious by my picture lol. I'm really shy, and way to nice, but that doesn't mean I will take bulls**t.