32 - Straight

Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom

Dec 3, 2020 16:47

I'm nerdy, easy-going, and most importantly, I have a dog.

Did you know that if you took somebody's intestine and stretched it as far as you could, you'd be a felon and would hopefully get locked up?

I find that gaming and s*x are quite similar. I have a solid record of finishing first, although in a relationship will occasionally try to let them win. And outside of one... well, there's always single-player.

If you're still reading this and it made you smile, your sense of humour is terrible. Get help.

Now About You: If the world was going to end tomorrow, what would be your final meal?



Age: 22 / straight

Tyne and Wear
United Kingdom


Age: 35 / straight

Tyne and Wear
United Kingdom


Age: 30 / straight

Tyne and Wear
United Kingdom