19 - Straight

Esch sur Alzette, Luxembourg

Jul 29, 2020 08:15

How are y'all doing fellow gamers, you can call me Alexis or you can call me whatever you feel most comfortable with.
I'm trying to meet new people that share my interests and that is basically the reason why i'm here.

If i am to catch someone's eye then i'd like to clarify that i'm going to be a little shy at the beginning.

Also English is practically my main language at this point, but i can also speak French, German, Italian, Spanish and Luxembourgish.

In terms of what games i like, i'm a very big fan of Pokémon, i like to play the main games and the TCG and gave me lots of good memories until now.
I also like to play certain shooter games like Modern warfare and Destiny.
Smash bros ultimate of course.
Monster Hunter world and Generations Ultimate.
I really do enjoy a challenge at times so i really enjoy playing Dark souls now and then.

There are a lot acctually...