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28 - Straight

Australia/Victoria, Australia

Aug 19, 2020 11:12

Hello, I'm Ryan
I was born in NSW then moved to QLD now to VIC I've travelled around lets say haha
I enjoy playing PC games, watching movies, practising archery.
I love to take photos mostly of nature, I have a Basic Wildlife Licence.
I've done camping in the past with my family and have panned for gold actually got successful doing that. (Just a little bit of gold and sapphires nothing too major haha)

I joined this website to hopefully get into a relationship with someone special.
I've never been in a serious relationship before however most of my friends seem to rely on me for advice when it comes to relationships haha.

Feel free to contact me on Discord or on Steam so we may discuss more.
My Steam account link:
My Discord: Ravenous_Fox#1420