29 - Straight

Minnesota, United States

Oct 19, 2020 21:49

Welcome to my page.

I'm Kassandra, 28, 5'1", free to marry in the church, and I live in Duluth Minnesota. I work as a USA Army and I enjoy it.
I love outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking and walking. I haven't done any of it this Summer since I've been back to work. Georgia humidity also makes it less enjoyable; hopefully this Autumn will be gorgeous again for more fun!
I'm a huge animal person. Huge. I currently have two cats, a dog, chickens, and a fish. I squeal like a child and pick up any random animal/bug/reptile I can get a hold of to coo over.

I switched from Novus Ordo to FSSP and I've been absolutely loving it. I was a rarely attending mass goer before and Latin Mass feels so new to me that I'm still trying to understand it. It's been amazing though and my new priest has been a huge help!
I'm very conservative/libertarian in my political views.
Health wise, I'm usually very natural. Vitamins, exercise and healthy eating is where it's at; keto is my love. That said, I just ate most of a store bought cake in 24hours and topped it off with a glass of straight rum. happens and I wish I had pizza to go with it. 😆
Personality wise I'm an INFJ/ambivert. I act completely normal and outgoing when needed (like at work) but I VERY much need and enjoy my alone time to recharge. My love language is quality time.

I'm open to LDRs, though only within the USA. I'm also open to eventually moving, though I much prefer the warmer/southern politically conservative states. I lived in a northern blue state my entire life and would rather not have a repeat.

I'm looking for a man who wants to live a traditional life. That includes a 1 income household, kids that are possibly homeschooled, TLM mass, etc. I love the homesteading lifestyle though I understand that may or may not happen. (but don't be shocked if you come home to a goat in the living room)
I'm drawn to men who are confident leaders, masculine and at least a bit outgoing. Someone who will enjoy the outdoor activities I do and who takes care of their health.



Age: 27 / bi

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Age: 27 / straight

United States


Age: 24 / straight

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