32 - Straight

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Feb 27, 2021 15:44


I would like to keep this short as I believe it's more fun to get to know someone through chatting. I will at least put a list of my most played games which I play on PC so of course, PC players only please
I will upload photos as soon as possible as well. I will also give out my Steam username if I feel we will get along!

My Favourite/Most played games which are co-op:
Elder Scrolls Online
Ark Survival Evolved
Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017)
Dead by Daylight
Left 4 Dead 2
Fall Guys
I have Among Us but haven't really played it yet

I'm sure there will also be future co-op games I will own!

Ah, I should also make it clear now that I don't ever plan to get married, have kids or live someone. This isn't ideal for probably most people and isn't deemed "normal" but who's to say what's normal??
Also, I am perfectly happy with long distance relationships but I do have a limit which is either UK/Europe. Thanks!