29 - Straight

South Dakota, United States

Jun 21, 2021 23:54

Hey there! I'm a laid back homebody looking for a long term partner. I enjoy cooking my own food and I make some of the best pizzas in Sioux Falls. So if you're searching for a pizza enthusiast like me then you can stop looking cause you've found the one! Hopefully you have a sweet tooth too because I also bake plenty of desserts like brownies and cookies. I've been dabbling with muffins lately, but I'm still trying out recipes until I find something I really like. I understand these aren't exactly the best things I could eat so I make sure to moderate my consumption to help manage my health. It also wouldn't hurt to have someone around to help eat the desserts(Or maybe I should make extra?).
I love my family and we regularly get together to play card and board games, maybe watch a movie, and chat. I'm the oldest of three siblings with one brother and one sister. My brother and I have been hopelessly harassing each other our whole lives(As brothers seem to do), and I can't remember the last time I had a non-sarcasm laced conversation with my sister. Seriously, I can't even help her with math homework without one of us finding an excuse to blame Calculus for most of the world's problems.
My favorite pastime is gaming and I'd love to meet a fellow gamer to share that interest with. I put the most time into playing action and looter games, but I also enjoy RPGs and other story focused games. I think party games can be the absolute best experience when played with close friends. Especially the party games that are notorious for ruining those relationships. I also occasionally play competitive games online, but I like to play them with a casual mindset so I can have fun even when I lose.
I read occasionally, but I've been pretty slack about it this last year. I mostly read non-fiction books on business, marketing, and leadership. If I had to name the most influential book I've ever read, it's "21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership" by John C. Maxwell. It completely changed my perspective on business and how I interact with the people around me in a positive way. I do want to start reading more fiction novels again and I'm on the lookout for anything new I can pick up. I'm a sucker for almost anything in the fantasy genre. I also have my geeky side and read some manga. My favorite is "One Piece" and it has been since I was in high school and I'll nerd out over it any time.
I enjoy watching movies from time to time. I like the action, sci-fi, and fantasy genres. I also like horror movies, but I become very squeamish during any scenes in a hospital or that involve surgical equipment. Lately I've been a fan of most things MCU related and recently watched "Wandavision" and plan to binge "Falcon and the Winter Soldier" soon.
For a final piece here's something weird about me. Instead of listening to music I prefer to tune into esports tournaments and keep up with them while I go about my day. Preferably while wearing sweatpants or pajamas.
I'm looking to meet someone who compliments my laid back lifestyle and matches my sense of humor. Someone who pursues their own interests but shares a few of mine that we can enjoy together. If you're a fellow gamer and nerd we'll probably get along well.



Age: 43 / straight

South Dakota
United States


Age: 42 / straight

South Dakota
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Age: 26 / straight

South Dakota
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