46 - Straight

Roskilde, Denmark

Jun 2, 2021 00:08

Mind meets Body

We look at each other, just knowing, all our efforts were not in vain. It's been almost 4 hours of gaming, where so much has been going on. We have learnt, helped each other, been pressured a bit, then we died, got resurrected, had lots of laughter, smiles, talks and finger yoga, as our minds were blown by amazing graphics, what a story, oh my god it's simply so great. Our minds wander in simple amazement, but our bodies shout, “We need a break”. Our zombie bodies go into the kitchen, cause hunger is all we can think.

It's break time, we are hungry, but still laughing as we talk about mistakes in the game. Say, “That was a good one”, do you remember”, as fresh food is sliced and prepared. It's a game, but it's real, we put on music and dance and feel. We're having fun and take turns at choosing the spices as the sauce is bubbling away.

Then suddenly you freeze. There is silence. Though the sauce still bubbles on it's own.
The pause is stuck between bubbles, as our bodies are frozen in time.

With great force I take control of my body, “Are you okay?”, I whisper late at night.
"I got it", you quietly answer, as though no one must hear what was said.
But your eyes ignite with a fire and your body is warm as a flame.
"I know the answer “, you finally answer as our eyes meet up and stare.
“It's 42”, you shout out loudly”
My eyes light up and gaze. 42, I think and ponder and quickly realize what you're saying.
“Are you talking, about the place, where the girl, with the blue blue eyes, gave us a hint,
that we didn’t understand, in the game?”

The bubbles bubble away, as our two minds sync, as our bodies become one. We swiftly finish making all the dishes and line all the food finely on our plates. Our mouths are filled with pleasure, as garlic naan, steamed rice and a lightly spiced coconut sauce and a lovely salad fills our being with fresh energy. It's great.

We again look at each other, as children waiting for Christmas. It's now! we can finally solve the mystery, at last, see what's behind the veil. Our controllers are lifted from the table, the PS5 hums in the back. Maybe you can continue the story, as we wander our mind and body footsteps...