25 - Straight

Hverager├░i, Iceland

Mar 3, 2019 04:30

Heya! Nice to meet you all :3

I only play on PC (and occasionally mobile but not really my thing), no PS4, Xbox or Switch
Aside from that, my list of games is quite long. Currently playing Overwatch, Path of Exile, CSGO, R6S, WoW, osu!, Kenshi, Black Ops 4 and Rocket League. This list changes from time to time and I have played most, if not all known PC games so hit me up even if you don't play these games

Also, I'm pretty good at video games so if you want me to teach you a thing or two or tell you stories about how it was playing professionally, just message me ^^
BattleNet: Aseal#21773
Discord: Aseal#3521
Message for other social media.