28 - Straight

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Nov 3, 2021 20:31

I'm 28..I'm 6ft4in..skinny guy tho... I have 3 tattoos that I've done myself with additional use of uv ink.. got a baby face.. got autism and better suited to someone who likes to chat and/or game everyday.. I don't like to sit in too long each week I do also like the great outdoors️ just don't like the cold.. love cartoons and murderer documentary's.. I'd rather stay in cuddle watch cartoons and play co-op.. Amongst gaming and working I'm also a tattoo artist If your down to earth, cute and can keep up to me on apex legends then you may be the one for me.. but I'm also very open minded and looking for good vibes ☺️ gimmie a message, I'm really easy to talk to, give it a try