22 - Straight

Brezno, Slovakia

Nov 24, 2021 14:45

Big guy with bigger heart who's hopeless romantic from small country in central Europe. I consider myself for caring, honest, romantic and talkative. But I prefer to not judge myself and let others create their opinion about me. I am more in-door person, proper bunker if you will.

There's simply something irresistible about staying home, chilling and relaxing after all work's done. Be it watching movies, hiding under blanket during cold days, playing games (I play most genres) and such. But I don't mind going out under sun's deadly beams here and there. Hiking, cycling and going on long walks can be magical too.

I am looking for Player 2 from anywhere in the world for serious relationship, I don't mind picking it up slowly and see where it leads, after all we don't give anything for trying except our time or LDR as long as both sides are happy to meet IRL one beautiful day.

Oh and also, do you know why there's no gambling in Africa?