39 - Straight

ML, Poland

Jan 13, 2022 23:51

Ordinary man, but in the limited edition - only one copy has been produced ever.
He definitely got off the conveyor belt too late - does not fit in the current times.
An intelligent beast (do you know any good trivia? share!), but sometimes snarky.
However, He does not bite … without reason.
Do not feed after midnight (not-so-obscure movie reference - check).
He's only afraid of unexpected things - the Spanish Inquisition - and heaven falling on our heads.
Cold blooded. The superpower of levelheadedness - poker face.
Nerd and geek, proud of it. Does not drink, does not smoke and belongs to this acccursed handful of people who significantly raise the average of read books per capita.
Musically into the golden oldies - Kult, Dżem, Kaczmarski, Farben Lehre ... and related ones (hey, I'm Polish!).
A humanist by passion, a computer scientist by vocation, but he does not constantly think about Einstein. Only sometimes. At least not too often. Puppet Einstein will also do. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rjbtsX7twc - this guy is awesome).
Caring but demanding - he will sometimes straighten up and correct any suboptimal habits. Ok, bad puns are exempt from that and may live.
Promo! - Brownie points if you put a password in the message - selfish shellfish. Yes, he does check who will read all of this carefully. He likes fantasy, rpg and any other entertainment that make him think.
He does not like parties and crowds.
Humming while shaving.
He would like to visit Japan someday.
He is not an ideal and thinks that they definitely have to be very lonely.
He will be happy to share in a goal of jointly mastering the world (see below).
And there are no more tidbits to be had without asking.

......aaaaaaa classified ad - work to be had!

Position - Assistant for ruling the world.

Brain - the future ruler of the world with aspirations , offers a personal assistant position in the implementation of his diabolical plans.


-Ability for independent thinking and reading without an allergic reaction or anaphylactic shock. Writing also welcome.
-Custom interests and hobbies , not necessarily those that follow the trends .
- High EQ (IQ optional) , good EEG, lack of membership in AA and KKK.

Additional advantages are :

-Ability to pilot subspace fighters.
-Ability to properly use the phone booth
-Klingon or Elvish spoken and written
-contacts among the Knights Templar

Shyness and / or social awkwardness are not disadvantages. the work is also DDlg friendly.

The contract is signed bilaterally and exclusively.

Salary negotiable