19 - Straight

Arizona, United States

Jul 19, 2022 05:01

Hiya my Ayana but most who game with me call me halo. I started very young with the Nintendo ds with my favorite games being kirby.
It wasn't long before I earned my Halorings as I was a halo player on xbox360. And a bit of a toxic one at, my first teabagging sprees started of in halo 3 and CE(other wise know as combat evolved.
Then came the phase I'm in now. RPGs, at first I never understood the appeal of playing by yourself. Until I tried it myself. Know armed with a ps4 I play my favorite games such horizon zero dawn and the dying light series.

A little more about personally:
If I'm not gaming I'm;
Cooking something new. (Which mostly turns out yummy but I have blunders)
Writing a book I hope to publish one day.
Baby/dog sitting
Or walking to relieve stress.

I love to have long conversations with anyone willing to have them with me. No topic nor answer is too controversial or invalid as it's not a RAR. ( Random Ass Response. )

I always enjoy theorizing or thinking in character as in "why did the game turn out this way or why did a character do this."

If I interest you? Or you would like to talk you can always send a message I'll try my absolute best to respond.



Age: 34 / bi

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Age: 19 / bi

United States