25 - Straight

Gold Coast, Australia

Aug 2, 2022 09:01

Work and study at two different universities (so I'm basically a secret agent). Doing a bachelor of writing to be an author someday.

Love all sorts of video games. From league (often under sufferance) to skyrim to divinity to age of empires to xcom to stardew valley to diablo to final fantasy to dark souls to so and so forth. Chances are high that I've either played something, want to play something, or will play something you're interested in. But to be fair; least favourite genres are puzzle, sport and racing. If there's something you're passionate about feel free to serenade me.

I love to read, especially fantasy. I tend to mainly read online these days. I also love board games. Have my own little stockpile at home. Love creative things so if you have any interests you'd like to overshare go ahead.

I love hiking, especially the quiet nature of it. Enjoy tennis but I dislike 2v2s because I suck at social cues. Don't unpack that.

Been a bit tired of the mainstream dating apps so thought I'd try this site. Too much emphasis on a 'wow' factor instead of a genuine connection. Though that may have been just my experience.